Artisan Group Is The First Stone Group Ever To Achieve 100% Marble Institute of America Accreditation For All Members

The Artisan Group of stone fabricators has become the first group to have every member be Natural Stone Institute (NSI) Accredited. The group members have completed rigorous testing on quality, safety and service to provide homeowners across North America with the best countertop purchasing experience.

“NSI staff and the Board of Directors thank Artisan Group for their unwavering support of the Accreditation Program,” said Garen Distelhorst, Communications Director, Natural Stone Institute. “Their lofty goal of reaching 100% Accreditation for all Artisan Group members has been instrumental in the growth of the program. For that, we will always be grateful. This accomplishment sets them apart from any other group of fabricators in the world. They are the only group that has been vetted by a third party credentialing body to be superior in all areas of the stone business.”

With 35 members and growing, Artisan Group covers most major markets in the United States and Canada and can handle a variety of fabrication needs from a local to national scale. Members average more than 20 years of fabrication experience in the countertop industry.

“Artisan Group was formed to raise the stone business to a higher standard,” says Artisan Group Executive Director Chad Seiders. “Above and beyond providing our own exclusive countertop brands, and the industry’s first lifetime granite warranty, our by-laws require all members to obtain NSI Accreditation. The process has been hard work, but this achievement reflects the Artisan Group’s commitment to quality.”