Artisan Group members comprise some of the finest stone Artisans in the industry and are recognized as the most respected, technologically advanced stone and countertop fabricators in the business. Artisan Group members adhere to strict quality standards and employ the best, highly skilled craftspeople to ensure that every project and installation meets exacting standards and quality control.

The Artisan Group collaborates with an array of stone inspectors around the globe that abide by rigorous Artisan Group quality standards. Every Artisan Group member has distinguished itself by becoming the very best source for stone surfacing craftsmanship in a particular geographic area, serving both residential and commercial customers.

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The Home Trust is a home services website to help those in the luxury home market simplify their search for extraordinary design services and products. The Home Trust International™ is your trusted guide for all things related to luxury home living.

The Home Trust carefully chooses brands to help customers break through the noise often associated with homes. From interior and exterior design to large pieces of fine art or furniture, to the smallest handmade object and real estate professionals, The Home Trust International promises you the very best for your home.

Home Trust International brands are refined tastemakers, artisans and trusted advisors who source throughout the world. Each Home Trust brand embraces their responsibility to serve you at a level consistent with the finest luxury brands. The Home Trust will make buying, building, renovating and shopping for your home effortless.

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