Rocksolid Surfaces’ Eco-Friendly Practices Extend into Multiple Uses for Reclaimed Wood

Rocksolid Surfaces,, fabricator of GRANITE, QUARTZ, SOLID SURFACES and WOOD has expanded their fabrication versatility with reclaimed wood surfacing.

With the push for more environmentally focused products in the building industry, it’s no surprise that Rocksolid Surfaces embraces this practice. Rocksolid Surfaces has always been an advocate for using recycled and reclaimed products in their shop. The company offers an array of recycled/reclaimed wood from original sources including barns, factories, warehouses, textile mills and other commercial buildings.

Reclaimed wood is great for the environment and each material has its own unique characteristics and history that adds a distinct design treatment to kitchen countertops, bathrooms, walls and beyond. Besides acquiring reclaimed wood from original sources, Rocksolid Surfaces also partners with Northern Ohio Timber Company, a “hub-processor” of reclaimed lumber in Cleveland, Ohio where they warehouse and prep reclaimed material for contractors, fabricators, designers, homeowners and furniture makers.

“There’s a definite trend with homeowners and commercial clients requesting and specifying more ‘green’ materials,” said J.B. Walsh, President of Rocksolid Surfaces. “Homeowners benefit from a product that not only looks great and is functional but sensibly makes use of repurposed content; while commercial applications benefit by receiving LEED credits that promote both sustainable and environmentally friendly design and construction practices, said Walsh.

Rocksolid Surfaces has always cherished protecting the environment. Besides participating in environmental practices and recycling standards in their own shop, Rocksolid Surfaces also takes that approach with a variety of “green” products. From eco-friendly quartz to recycled glass surfacing, Rocksolid Surfaces stands by the motto of Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle.

Rocksolid Surfaces specializes in creating superior natural stone, granite, quartz, solid surfaces and woodwork and millwork for kitchens, baths, home remodeling, new construction and commercial markets. Rocksolid is the first stone fabricator in Ohio to be accredited by the Natural Stone Institute and is a member of the Artisan Group, a premier network of stone fabricators in North America. Rocksolid Surfaces is located at 4031 West 150th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44135. For more information please call 216-251-5509 or visit the company website at WWW.ROCKSOLID-SURFACES.COM.